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PERTUAL SHARP 6270 Wheel Set Disc

PERTUAL SHARP 6270 Wheel Set Disc

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  • Depth:62/70 mm
  • Internal Width:21 mm
  • External Width:30 mm
  • Spoke:Pertual Carbon Spoke F 21/R 21
  • Hub:Pertual Premium Road Disc
  • Bearing Type:Ceramic
  • Weight:1480 gram/set
  • Tire:Clincher/Tubeless


Prepare to redefine your riding experience as we proudly introduce the SHARP 6270, our latest breakthrough in performance wheelsets. Engineered for unrivaled excellence, these wheelsets feature a distinctive aerodynamic design and unparalleled rigidity, ensuring every pedal stroke unleashes maximum power with precision.

Designed to excel on mild rolling to flat terrain, the SHARP 6270 is perfect for fast criteriums, time trials, or triathlons. Experience unmatched stability on flat roads, effortlessly navigating through crosswinds with unwavering confidence.

With a track record of rigorous testing across tens of thousands of kilometers, the SHARP 6270 stands as a testament to durability and reliability. Unleash your full potential with our all-round performance wheel set, meticulously crafted to elevate your riding adventures to extraordinary heights.

For those seeking ultimate speed and precision timing, look no further than the PERTUAL SHARP 6270.


Harnessing advanced aerodynamic design, we minimize resistance to optimize efficiency, granting you the ultimate advantage.


Our innovation doesn’t stop there - we prioritize stability, ensuring effortless control even at high speeds, thanks to our rim profiles paired specifically with the spoke lacing pattern. Whether navigating sharp corners or fast descents, experience exceptional handling and responsiveness.



SHARP introduces the Dynamic Sync Geometry (DSG) with a 2:1 spoke configuration and cutting-edge wave rim, achieving an ideal tension balance. This innovative approach enhances rigidity and optimizes energy transfer efficiency. 

The distinctive and iconic design enhances load absorption, minimizing rim deformation and vibration under tension, while also significantly improving handling and reducing overall weight. Furthermore, this design excels in energy transfer during pedaling and braking, delivering heightened stability and responsiveness.



Through meticulous optimization of carbon fiber arrangement and molding processes, we achieve a coating-free surface that enhances the texture and finesse of the wheels. With no additional clear coat or black paint required, this innovation elevates the wheels' strength, reduces overall weight, and enhances the precision of the rim bed, ensuring safer tubeless usage.

Our unwavering commitment to perfection in this pursuit underscores our dedication to uncompromising quality.


To deliver unparalleled all-round performance, we've meticulously optimized the design of the hub, integrating it with the rim and employing Dynamic Sync Geometry (DSG) spoke configuration. With meticulous attention to production accuracy and the utilization of ceramic bearings tailored specifically for bicycle working conditions, our hub guarantees stringent requirements, precision, low resistance, efficient power transmission, and reliable stability.


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