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PERTUAL SHARP 5258 Disc Wheel Set

PERTUAL SHARP 5258 Disc Wheel Set

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  • Depth:52/58 mm
  • Internal Width:21 mm
  • External Width:28 mm
  • Spoke:Pertual Carbon Spoke F 21/R 21
  • Hub:Pertual Premium Road Disc
  • Bearing Type:Ceramic
  • Weight:1380 gram/set
  • Tire:Clincher/Tubeless

Crafted for Unrivaled Performance

Introducing our latest generation of high-performance wheelsets, engineered to push the boundaries of innovation and conquer new frontiers. With a strikingly aerodynamic design and unparalleled rigidity, each pedal stroke unleashes power with maximum efficiency. Ascend swiftly with its featherweight construction and navigate downhill descents with unwavering confidence. On flat terrain, experience unrivaled stability even amidst crosswind challenges. Noteworthy is its resilience, having endured rigorous testing across tens of thousands of kilometers. Unleash your full potential with this versatile performance wheelset.



Through cutting-edge aerodynamic design, we've mastered the art of minimizing resistance, amplifying efficiency, and granting you the ultimate advantage.



But our innovation doesn't halt there. We prioritize stability, guaranteeing seamless control even at high speeds. Whether maneuvering sharp corners or conquering rugged terrain, expect unparalleled handling and responsiveness.


SHARP integrates the revolutionary DSG 2:1 spoke geometry alongside a state-of-the-art wave rim, resulting in a harmonious tension balance, elevated rigidity, and maximized energy transfer efficiency. Its unique and iconic design enhances load absorption, minimizing rim deformation and tension-induced vibrations, while simultaneously enhancing handling and reducing overall weight. Moreover, this innovative design excels in energy transfer during both pedaling and braking, ensuring heightened stability and unparalleled responsiveness.


Through meticulous optimization of carbon fiber arrangement and molding processes, we've achieved a pristine, coating-free surface that elevates the texture and finesse of our wheels. This innovation not only bolsters wheel strength and reduces overall weight but also refines the precision of the rim bed, guaranteeing safer tubeless tire usage. Our unwavering commitment to perfection underscores our dedication to quality.



In our relentless pursuit of all-encompassing high performance, we've meticulously refined the hub's design, seamlessly integrating it with the rim and incorporating DSG spoke geometry. Through meticulous attention to detail in production accuracy and the utilization of ceramic bearings engineered specifically for bicycle environments, our hub guarantees stringent requirements, precision, low resistance, efficient power transmission, and unwavering stability.



We recommend opting for the SILVER VERSION wheel set, as the rim maintains more of its black finish, offering a striking contrast to the understated silver logos. This combination not only enhances visual appeal but also adds a touch of sophistication to your ride.

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