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Magene EXAR Tube 700c Ultralight TPU Inner Tube 36g - 75mm valve stem

Magene EXAR Tube 700c Ultralight TPU Inner Tube 36g - 75mm valve stem

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EXAR TPU ultralight inner tube has a more comfortable cycling feel, lighter weight and is premium quality designed to help you get out in front and stay there. The excellent toughness of TPU material can effectively reduce the probability of tire puncture, keeping you ready to explore any road.

Lighter Weight for Improved Acceleration

The Tube 700c weighs only 36 grams, which is 3 times lighter than traditional rubber inner tube. The Lighter weight makes it easier to accelerate sprint and stay in the lead while riding.

More Compact, More Portable

As a spare tire for cycling, riders hope the inner tubes are more convenient and portable when riding out. The TPU inner tube is 78% smaller than traditional inner tubes. The small size does not take too much space, you can take more when cycling.

Low Rolling Resistance, Easier Pedaling

Compared with traditional inner tubes, EXAR TPU inner tubes have made innovations in improving riding performance and riding comfort. EXAR TPU inner tube is lighter and softer, which makes you more comfortable while cycling. Compared with the traditional rubber inner tube the rolling resistance is reduced by 20%, you can pedal more easily with higher speed and power.



Puncture Resistant, Safe Riding on Complex Roads

With the superior toughness of TPU material, EXAR TPU inner tube has stronger puncture resistance than traditional rubber inner tubes, effectively reducing the probability of tire puncture. You can ride safely even on gravel or more complicated roads.

Anti-Aging, Longer Service Life

Unlike the traditional rubber tube that is likely to age and mold over time, TPU has a more stable polymer structure, thus having a longer service life. Super long service life is very cost-effective, a must-have for you to go riding.



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