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Magene EXAR Carbon Fiber Wheelset Ultra 2023 DB405

Magene EXAR Carbon Fiber Wheelset Ultra 2023 DB405

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Property DB405
Brake Disc Brake
Height Front Wheel 40mm, Rear Wheel 45mm
Weight 1290g ±3%
External Rim Width 30mm
Internal Rim Width 23mm
Rim Material HI-MOD T800 Carbon Fiber Spoke: HI-MOD T800 Carbon Fiber
Front Wheel Spoke Tension 110kgf±10%
Rear Wheel Spoke Tension Drive Side 130kgf±10%, Non-drive Side 110kgf±10%
Front Wheel Spoke Lacing 21H 2:1, Brake Side×2, Non-brake Side Radial Lacing
Rear Wheel Spoke Lacing 21H, 2:1, Drive Side×2, Brake Side Radial Lacing
Ratchet 36T (Compatible with DT System. Replaceable Ratchet with Different Tooth Amount)
Frame Spacing 100/142mm thru-axle
Freehub Standard Shimano 11-speed (Campagnolo N3W and Sram XDR Freehubs are available separately)
Compatible Cassette Shimano 8-12 Speed
Compatible Tire Type Clincher Tire, Tubeless Tire
Maximum Tire Pressure 120psi for Clincher Tire, 110psi for Tubeless Tire
Compatible Tire Width Compatible with 25c Tire and Above, Suggested Tire Width is 28c - 32c

Integral Design, Lighter and Faster

Riders want wheelsets that are lighter, stiffer, and faster. EXAR engineers have risen to the challenge with Ultra wheelset to help riders ride faster in the race. The EXAR Ultra wheelset applies HI-MOD T800 carbon fiber, following the integrated and systematic design. The primal materials allow a great reduction in weight while retaining outstanding stiffness. These help riders get a smooth start and faster acceleration.

30mm Width Rim, More Aerodynamic and Comfortable

A 30mm width rim and 23mm internal width are purely designed for disc brake structure. It ensures optimal aerodynamic performance in complex wind conditions, improving stability in crosswinds as well.
After installing the 28-32c tire, the contact surface between the tire and rim is flat. As a result, It creates a flatter aerodynamic surface and enhances cycling comfort.

Lower Front Wheel and Higher Rear Wheel Design

The EXAR Ultra wheelset features a new design concept of a low front wheel and a high rear wheel. While ensuring high inertia of the rear wheel, also keeps the controllability of the front wheels, allowing the rider to ride more efficiently and stably.

Full Carbon Fiber Spokes, Contribute Ultra-Stiffness

EXAR Ultra carbon fiber wheelset features HI-MOD T800 carbon fiber spokes. Each spoke weighs only 2.8g, 30% lighter than top-level steel spokes. Carbon fiber spokes have higher tensile strength and can withstand 30% more tensile force. Lower strength loss of transmission brings higher driving efficiency. The wheelset applies a 2:1 balanced lacing pattern, which distributes tension perfectly. The spoke tension of the rear-wheel drive side is 130kgf±10%, and the non-drive side is 110kgf±10%.

Ceramic Bearing, Smooth And Durable

Compared to steel, ceramic is lightweight with low resistance, which can be used to make smoother bearings. A well-made ceramic bearing has lower resistance, thus saving you energy and allowing rapid acceleration.
The contact surface of the bearing and body is processed with smooth edges to create precise synergy.

Flat Engagement Ratchet Design

Details reveal the optimal configuration. Adopt a 36-tooth flat ratchet, which has tighter engagement with a larger surface. This can make the ratchet more durable, with fast and precise engagement as well as stability.

Professionally Tested, Approved by UCI

The flange diameter has been calculated scientifically in terms of the stiffness of carbon fiber spokes. We reduce the amount of stress concentration point where the spoke contacts with the hub, thus improving driving stiffness and extending endurance.

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