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Lactigo Performance and Recovery Gel - Non-Menthol 100ml

Lactigo Performance and Recovery Gel - Non-Menthol 100ml

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✅ LIMIT YOUR DOWNTIME. Menthol formulation with carnosine and magnesium relieves muscle pain during and after exercise.

✅ PEER-REVIEWED AND PATENTED. Our ground-breaking formulation has published, peer-reviewed research to back it up. Plus, we're patented - so there is genuinely no other product like us in the world.

✅ CARNOSINE AND MAGNESIUM which plays a key role in athletic performance and recovery.

✅ PREVENTS MUSCLE FATIGUE. So you can feel at the top of your game every day.

✅ FAST-ACTING and fast-drying. Leaves NO sticky residue.

✅ TOPICAL APPLICATION - nothing to ingest or inject.

Experience the REVOLUTIONARY WAY to upgrade your training and fitness. LactiGo allows you to increase performance like never before and not feel sore the next day - OUR PATENTED FORMULA IS GAMECHANGING!
Join the revolution and next-generation of sports performance and recovery. Join the fray of people who will never train without LactiGo again!



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